i2M's state-of-the-art manufacturing complex, which is situated in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, centralizes calendering operations, in-house printing, quality assurance, materials process control, and technical services at a single highly efficient production facility. In addition to three high-speed calenders, the complex houses other vertically integrated manufacturing technologies including lamination, slitting, sheeting, and finishing operations.

i2M's diverse portfolio of specialty films serve a number of demanding markets that include: industrial, recreational and environmental applications. Our membranes are used in commercial roofing systems, swimming pools, residential buildings, tunnel lining, wall covering, printed laminated films, geomembrane and medical grade products.

To meet diverse customer needs, i2M has developed extensive experience in calendering and lamination of polymer based films such as PVC, ELVALOY, CPE and TPO. Our manufacturing capabilities include non-reinforced and laminated reinforced calendered film products in various gauges and widths.

i2M's Design Studio is where state-of-the-art equipment meets trendsetting artistry. Our full-time creative team offers more than 30 years experience in vinyl design and rotogravure printing, blended with the latest software and design/color data trends to develop the most visually-striking patterns and freshest ideas in vinyl fashion today.